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Traversing Worlds ; Metamodernity 

Keane Tan Jin Howe (Artist) 

Biography : 

Keane Tan Jin Howe is a Singaporean Post Pandemic Artist who primarily works in the medium of Painting & New Technological artworks. Artworks that address the current Metamodern Period , whereby aesthetics from the previous century of both modern and postmodern philosophies meet. Keane’s latest body of works translates to the post global narrative, whereby restructuration is taking place, adopting local subjects matter, synthesized with technologies of web 2 and 3. Non Chronological in approach, works are highly subject to individual qualities, an emphasis on singular aesthetics , into a collection.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 123222.jpg

A Web Exclusive experience by the artist commuting between worlds, describing an period through observation , of a developing city via narrative framework of metamodernity. 

The Artist employs various software generation techniques to arrive at his desired vision. from photography , database , machine learning , engaging the traditional methodologies of art with the cutting edge controversial medium of Artificial Intelligence. Collage and photography were part of that same movement argues the new generation of creative practitioners, who label themselves as cultural technologists and natives. The tabulating keyboard gesture describes this phenomenon , swaping between simulated and the phygital landscape, has the artist continuously recording these experiences. of Commerce and Culture. 

Traversing Worlds ; Metamodernity , is a digitally stitched collage , with the subject matter uniquely processed with text to prompt stable diffusion models. This idea of commanding what the artist envision , through mathematical code and databases of machine learning sends forth the artist to describe his interpretation of his experiences. Visiting various visual archetypes , of humanoids, aliens , celestial fairies , web subculture characters, its one whole scene described in a horizontal linear fashion. Themes and topics which the artist feel the need to address as a society , to challenge the outcomes through the visual imagery , set as a bench mark for future retrospectives , exhibited and shared with the general public of the region , coexisting with the influences of East Asia. 

Text to Image Prompts such as Humanoid , 50K Ultra Resolution, beauty , dystopia , are tools the artist use to synthesize quality with relevance to the world experienced by the artist. Similar to how Poets and Philosophers employ words into aesthetic discourses , the artist of the new generation appears to wish for what they want , through this prompt sets. 

The Shape used to describe the traversing world lived by the artist, represents a cryptographic safe key , where transactions and exchanges of codes between nodes is the main inspiration for the 8 bit , punch hole key card, where commerce and culture intersect. An organic erasure of imagery by the organic artist hand , opposing the additive nature of Artificial Intelligence role of orderliness, played a dual relationship in the cocreation of this thematic piece.

The artist interpretation of what constitute as the new web and world , in the form of the mangrove wetland reserves / habitat , an ecosystem similar to industries of Singapore, where symbiotic relations happens frequent , in complementing growth of smaller life.

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