Artificial Intelligence
: The New Front

The Development of Images through web solutions , is the artist new found technique , other than the rise of NFTs, these processing units give artists the freedom to perform rapid testing of conceptual ideals , before translating them into physical realities, the manifestation of artist worlds.

The New Works developed with machine learning technologies , algorithms & data , the artists of 21st century attempt to capture the best moments with their cocreators.


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The rise of digital technologies in pandemic situations has generated popularity in online engagement , with brands losing physical contact with their customers, virtual reality has been one of the alternative to traditional boutique exhibitions. The following presented is an online engagement platform https://live.skittish.com/event/test-1 , seen to be a voice for small & medium enterprises to grow their traffice numbers in the period of volatility & uncertainty. This platform includes an inbuilt voice/mic for desktop / mobile interaction, to put it simply , a 3D online version of zoom , where ideas & videos can be shared , a classroom styled place for learning , a mini exhibition & presentation of featured products for artists & entrepreneurs . 

Virtual Exhibitions has been explored & used for growing of brand awareness, closely knitting together fellow communities to continue supporting brand through interactive learning of products. There is also a payment system to allow for commercialisation via donation . 

IRL events will be the alternative method of doing business, with marketing & events held online / for increase of participation on a global level . 

Keane Art Collective attempts to integrate 3D immersive virtual exhibitions, to raise engagement for the group activities. Thereby enabling the reach of audiences from global stage  to Southeast Asian Awareness / Singaporean Popular Culture. 



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Dramatic Cinematic for Our Century ; V2.jpg

A Dramatic Cinematic for Our Century 


Oil on Laser Printed Canvas, 

Machine Learning / Image Generated - NFT

118.5 x 160 cm

A Dramatic Cinematic for Our Century  is an artwork illustrating a scene of Singapore’s iconic Merlion park , with crashing blue waves in a highly graphic style. The artwork uses image generation and machine learning technologies, to combine source images,in a sophisticated form of social commentary . The work references Hokusai's great wave with the Merlion , bringing into closer context the Southeast Asian city . The work can be read allegorically in a manner which is prophetic , or as the title suggests , coming of an age. The work dramatizes stormy weather, being a representation for the challenges experienced during this period in time. The imaginative aspect lies in what the viewer makes of the highly charged image; of storms, struggle and hard rain. Interpretations ranging from climate change and rising sea levels is a testament to this work , and signalling the turn of the century in artist practice. The artist draws the comparison of the flood to a purgatory of society’s excesses , across countries, with a time for reset that is imminent. The artist's gesture of retracing the image in paint, is an attempt at understanding society’s shortcomings, and a betterment of ideals.

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About Us

Ai Art Gallery / Virtual Reality Art Exhibitions

See Arts & NFTs in a new fashionable presented manner, with Cryptoartworks gaining new popularity, the works presented are from the Keaneofficial Art Collective Store, For Sale :

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NFTs & Digital Art Releases

The Release of New Digital Artworks , Minted on OpenSea.io

Link: Bundle of 3 Items: "Bundle of 3 / The Great Restoration" | OpenSea

Coming of new technologies enable artists to continue communicating & sharing artworks ; Crypto/ Blockchain based / NFTs artworks are rising in popularity , as the global pandemic disrupts conventional ways of operating , art of the new century will have to behave in a different manner, with transactions mediated by automated entities, smart contracts are helping artists grow their influence, enabling many to see past old practices. 

What is NFTs? Non Fungible Token are cryptographic assets on blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata . It differs from cryptocurrency , which are fungible in nature and identical for commercial transactions. It behaves as a digital representation of artworks & real estate certifications. NFTs has saw the rise of digital artists such as the recent Christies x Makersplace ; Beeple Crap Auction Record Breaking Sale. The strongest characteristics of this new way of commodifying art , is in its authenticity & ownership stake . Frauds can be eliminated more thoroughly with this new technology. An industry in its own right , burgeoning markets for new opportunities are found how one can commodify a JPEG or Gif file , expanding Fine Art vocabulary to greater horizons. 

Keaneofficial Art Collective / Keane , has created mintable artworks on OpenSea.io platform , with regards to this new way of acquiring art, & has been an NFT Art Collector of these dank collectibles.  The Main currency of this trade is currently ETH , whereby gas is used for minting and creating the contractual agreements for these unique digital artworks . 

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How to Collect / Purchasing NFTS?

1. Create a Crypto Wallet + Own Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/ ETH)

2.Transactions of Cryptocurrency for NFT/Digital Asset 

3.NFT purchased / Full Ownership of 1/1 MasterCopy 

4. Share / on platforms / Digital Screens / from Wallet 

5. Reproducible into Merchandises / Prints / Share with Friends 


The Bitcoin Angel 


Digital Collectible 

Trevor Jones (Artist)

(Price upon Request) 

Edition  2181/4157


Pieta - Redux 


Digital Collectible

NFN Kalyan

(Price Upon Request) 

Edition 1/1 

Art. Potrait Services

Portrait Painting Services


Oil on canvas

50 x 50 cm 


Sunny Art Prize (Shortlisted) ,London 




Laser Print; Illustration on Canvas

140 x 140 cm 

(Artworks For Sale; Price Upon Request)


The Great Reset / Restoration  (2020)

Compilation Pictures

Outlaws, Anarchists and the Wild wild we
Infinity and Beyond; The Star (2.jpg
Past,Present,Posterity ; Pigeon (1).jpg

Past,Present,Posterity ; Pigeon


Digital Print 

Dimension Variable

(Artworks For Sale; Price Upon Request)

Side View (2).jpg


HOARDER!!! / The Long Edict ;

A Late Capitalist March 


Graphic Print on Wooden Support

Dimension Variable

HOARDER!!! / The Long Edict ; A Late Capitalist March (2020) , is an Digitally crafted artwork mounted on cylindrical structure,with the idea addressing the topic of late capitalistic excess of the individual. The embodiment of the individual during the excess period which the artist believes just happened and is observed during the outbreak of the coronavirus. When the first outbreak of pandemic came to be a topic of News companies, it brought about a worrying view of shortage of supplies; of essential goods. This led to a panic purchase of essential goods, from soup cans to toilet paper. The inspiration and influence for this work came from this viral trend, where people across the world in established cities were buying up all the toilet rolls in excess amounts, like a stock pile. This baffled the artist into wondering why this excess, and it brought about searching for the underlying meaning, when Keane was reminded of the existence of the readymade, and was taught not to estimate the individual's level of redundancy and banality of an object. This can be linked to artist who popularised this genre, such as Duchampian "Fountain", to a picasso bicycle chair resembling a bull, to a Maurizio Cattelan banana peel with a cross, and Warholian Soup cans A recurring theme is identified through this new object immortalised as it were, by the regular citizens of developed countries (US, Canada, Singapore) , to the point where regulation need to be implemented, limiting people to only a fixed number of rolls/ packets. Stumbling upon another influence, the Slovenian Philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, has previously addressed how countries philosophical governing systems can be addressed through the hermeneutics of the toilet system. As it were , his while speculation, was that 3 western nations (France, England and Germany) had different toilet systems, and those systems inevitably represents the way the system resolve the problem, as represented with human excrement. On the one hand , France uses the liberal approach of revolutions and quick fix direct method, whereas the Anglo Saxons use a more reasoned approach balancing/ floating excrement. The Germans toilet system leave  the excrement left to inspect for traces of illness; thus the metaphysical analysis and conservative approach to the situation. This wild interpretation of Slavoj Zizek of free association, has left Keane to see the toilet paper in a different perspective, one that represents the late capitalist tendencies of the idea of individualism. The toilet paper is fought and bought over from the supermarket, purely for the individual's needs, and also purchasing in excess over the empathetic nature of sharing, that governments had to regulate something which is banal, that should not be a problem, into the high banality. This makes the whole situation look firstly ridiculous and secondly, totally uncalled for, that the authorities have to step into all these small causes, to prevent the system from failing. It is as though an edict has been made for the excesses of individualism and of late capitalist redundancy. Keane supposes that alchemy is involve when the idea is synthesized with a banal object, reflecting upon Duchamp fountain , and Cattelan's excessive ridiculous work entitled "Commedian" is where this work's derived from. Another losely felt idea would be that of Pineapple being rolled into a new home to bring about prosperity (Hokkien Tradition, of rolling prosperity into a new home) , and so  the toilet roll / "The Long Edict" , depict the ushering of a new age, like when a carpet is rolled out for a king. What this new age is going to be like, no one is certain, but hopefully it isnt ridiculous .

Solidarity, Surveillance State & 

The New Normal (Ongoing Series/ Project) 2020

compilation poster_FA-page-001.jpg



Graphic Print on Canvas

120 x 120 cm 

(Available also as Digital collectible)

Solidarity, Surveillance State & 

The New Normal (Ongoing Series/ Project) 2020

This body of work reflects the recent events of 2020, with Covid-19 as the underlying topic of inspiration. The following works suggest the many lifestyle habits, countries and their citizens have adopted based on the disruptive nature of a global pandemic. The works were created using isometric drawing format, to be printed and stretched onto a canvas. The topic of interior lifestyle is very reminiscent to the topic of the Les Nabis, such as that of the Neo Impressionists, like Pierre Bonnard. It can be said that Keane's boy of work can be summed up as introspective, with images that shows lives in a boxed interior, complemented with an audio track which borrows the qualities of imagination and a listening ear. This pandemic has forced governments to place a lockdown to prevent the spread of virus, and has made people be creative, reinvent the way they carry out day to day activities. (Social Distancing, Work From Home, Digital Communications platforms (Facebook , Amazon, Zoom, Netflix, etc..) ) This layout of the New Normal, sees the potential of how countries will operate in future, with technology growing in rampant demand. In a paradoxical way in which the slovanian philosopher, Slavoj Zizek has put it, the pandemic has separated humankind in a physical way, but it has also brought about a new high in the levels of solidarity. Previously, globalisation has allowed for all of us to have the option to transact, communicate in a digital way, but now it has been forced, as it were, and our common goal of humanity to survive and united together to fight this level has brought about this idea of solidarity, and the constant need for humans to interact, as social, loving beings. There is an indefinite surge in reliance on technology, as more businesses are hopping onto the internet to stay relevant to customers. Technology based companies benefited from this demand, and were seen as heroes. However, this brings about the next topic of interest for the artist, that of privacy, cyber security and surveillance activities, which is the underlying motif for his 30 x 120 cm inspired zoom piece. The Zoom variations created were at first to be scene as celebratory of humankind, but the artist soon realised it had a double meaning towards it, the concern of privacy. In the later decades of the 2010s, technological companies have been caught in a series of antitrust and privacy scandals, some of which; Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, to Google being fined $1.7 billion by the European Council. Their large presence online has resulted in the commodification of common people data, and also the swaying of opinions to benefit their hidden agendas in politics. Their large influence has created a monopoly and blacklists those smaller companies into conforming to their unregulated standards. This has led to the government to begin regulating their presence with antitrust lawsuits. However, there is still more to be seen in how the future of these companies will have an impact on our lives. 


The other bigger presence is the last and final topic of discussion, which is the government's surveillance on people's privacy in the near future. How is it going to be like? If the government is checking on the big corporations, who is there to regulate what the government does, in the case of a corrupted organisation of world leaders. This leaves one to think that may be the people's rightful duty , to be aware and concern about our own safety and lives. There is a growing concern that governments would wish to document and personalised our health data, and have implemented contact tracing, to better understand situation in a fight against covid-19. But these activities which seems reasonable, has a double edged effect to the common people. The data and location found can be a reason for your arrest, like what has happened recently, with the scandal of China's growing presence in Hong Kong, the implementation of a law which allows arrest of individuals in Hong Kong, under China's National Security law. This has led to many growing intellectuals and business leaders to have concern as to what the state can do, surveillance under state interest. With Hong Kong democracy being challenged, it is the artist's concern of how government officials may operate, in the extreme sense, with other smaller nations silencing the common people's freedom of speech and behaviour.

(copyrighted, Keaneofficial 2020)



The New Normal (Complete Audio) 



65 mb

(Available also as Digital collectible; $25 ) 

The New Normal-

Scene 2 Script between Jillian and Charlie 

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UOB Painting Award 2019

Keane Official Art


From Early Settlers , to a Newly Envisioned World,

Chartered by a Set of Ideals 
Oil on canvas 
95 x 166 cm 


(Available only as a print)

From Early Settlers,

To a Newly Envisioned World,

Chartered by a Set of Ideals

Gold - Established Artist Category

Artist: Keane Tan Jin Howe
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size (cm): 95 x 166

From Early Settlers, to a Newly Envisioned World, Chartered by a Set of Ideals  is set in a topical landscape, with a densely populated species of flora and fauna, decorating this atmosphere. Birds, flowers and trees played a part in the overall creation of a peaceful, serene scene. The landscape is complemented by a few dominant structures enveloped in vegetation. the subjects and icons bring about a collective memory of past and present of Singapore, coinciding with the nation's bicentennial anniversary in 2019. 


This painting also references the tibetian mythology of  Shambhala, a place of refuge in times of crisis . As this article was written, we are experiencing a global phenomenon as a species, united and hopeful, with a strong sense of solidarity, even when we are all secluded in our homes during the time of covid- 19 团结

This article was published: 21/4/2020

UOB Painting Award 2018

Unexpected Results

Bronze - Emerging Artist Category

Artist: Keane Tan Jin Howe
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size (cm): 151 x 121

Unexpected Results is a series of sweet delights carefully composed and anthropomorphised, taking on the human form of a body, face and limbs. To the artist, life is constantly present around humans, even when surrounded by inanimate objects. Here, the relationship between art and life is made evident through the physical creation of Unexpected Results, an artwork of popular objects consumed in daily life being brought to life by the artist’s hand, reflecting the artist’s belief that to be an artist is to believe in life.

Keane Official Art
Keane Official Art
Keane Official Art
Keane Official Art
Keane Official Art
Keane Official Art

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All rights reserved, 2019.

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