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Ai Art Gallery II

Recently , Keaneofficial Art Collective has been in search of new ways of artmaking , with technology being the emphasis in this season of June, Art created by Ai appears to have a profound impact as commented by Keane. It has enabled the artists to see art in a new synthesis , with the merging of images and stylistic expressions ; engendering new meaning in old images. The image above suggest an 80s stylistic version of Merlion Park, merging Graffiti Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with that of Singapore City's Iconic Merlion Park. The work evokes a childlike vigour reminiscent of Basquiat's Hero ; Pablo Picasso. Painting like a child as it were, to have a freedom to express an ideal , was necessary in a quickly modernizing period during the 20th century. The idea behind this relates back to how Keaneofficial Art Collective has remastered the artist practice , integrating technologies to enhance the artist in expressing this simplistic idea of communication . The artwork is on display and for sale as a print . NFT copy is found here : https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/96353023247521687471654100107940214386009157991165221184162769028337429905409


The Keaneofficial Art Collective continues to develop Ai Orientated works to explore deeper into aspects of Artificial Intelligent based / Machine Learning Art on the Internet . Stay Tuned / Continuous Project



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