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This Month sees the Art Collective / Creators collaborating with Artificial Intelligence to create interesting artworks. The works presented under the category of AI generated art , sees images blending together using an online processing tool , with the artists / Digital Creators being picky and selective when it comes to the right images to be placed into a single mix.

When revisiting the likeness of Art History , the artist which championed selection as a major importance was marcel Duchamp, who popularized the use of readymade , has impacted the Keaneofficial Art Collective to built on this idea, with Artificial Intelligence having a huge significance during an era of distant communication, and also in the midst of the great pandemic of 2020. Artificial Intelligence as a cocreator in the field of Fine Art , will only become better as it behaves like the studio assistant of the artist, providing support for the artist to focus on the areas of high subjectivity of the human experience. An example of how artificial intelligence or technology in general assisted artists can be found in the history of camera obscura , when the transfer of images / rendering them in more efficient manner; artificial intelligence has the same effect, having generate multiple images, assist the artist in his built up and enhances his level of selection, as part of the artists practice.

The works found under Ai Gallery , were developed by a machine learning algorithm , which studies and blends the styles of two images , one as the dominant subject matter while the other being the stylistic pattern , with popular test results such as Mocha Ice Cream with a Sheep. The result mix becomes the combination of the two. It is with these results, the artist is free to create more interesting perspectives to the two images, with the help of his co-creating studio assistant.

This Method of using Ai as a creator sees the likeness in the crypto, NFT market ; where collectibles are a popular genre. It has its advantages and disadvantages , with the Keaneofficial Art Collective continuously exploring this pathway, who knows what results will be achieved. The following tests results would be released for availability of purchase.

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