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Keaneofficial Art Collective Store 20/8/21

The New Format for Art Making has been established by figures in contemporary art circles , as the pandemic continue to have its international impact on many countries, Non-Fungible Token based Art continues to rise in popularity, with its multi genre art & collectibles appealing to non art based communities , art has reached a new level of audience base, with more awareness toward art through valuation. Digital Currencies sees through the many art projects through a new international advant garde , with many unexplored genres in artmaking, such as image processing / Machine Based Art, Meme Art, Numerical Coding based art , and many more.


Ways in which art is turning toward collectibles, the value of art in this new century and age has lowered the entry level towards collecting, with new art collectors beginning with simplistic graphic drawn art such as Bored Ape Yacht club , Cryptokitties , GlueHorses , being the bench mark for these trendy, hip noveau entertainment collectibles. The cost of such collectibles are a few hundred us dollars , with an appreciation of innate value that comes along the new economic movement of money. The work below is one such example of the history of art. Created by Trevor Jones , a canadian artists who saw his work rise in prominence & valuation when Picasso Bull sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The work presented below has its fair share of growth ; if one were to look at it from an objective point of value. Speaking of the art , it depicts the iconic digital currency "bitcoin" with its store of value comparable to physical gold , remains controversial to some , while many others have embraced its value, such as Mr Trevor Jones.


One can begin to invest in cryptographic based art / NFTs , by creating an ethereum wallet such as the one supported by Metamask , with the conversion of fiat currencies into digital currencies, that are used to purchase Non fungible Tokens (Digital Art) with an ownership status / Digital Scarced supplied art retaining a valuation for investors. Art as it were has once again reached its audience, this time, with an economic value.


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