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25/12/20 XMasS

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Wishing every person a Merry New Year; From the Keaneofficial Arts Collective .

(The below is an update of the features of the Art & Entertainment Site )

-News: Release of 2021 Art Collection (Featuring the Early Works of KEANE. (Artist)

- Development of new features on the website; Experimental Art making with various other Practitioners of the arts.

-Preparation for New body of Artworks for 2021 -2022

What we Offer /Top 3 Features of Keaneofficial Art Collective

1. Art Products

2. #PersonalizedArt / Customized Painting Services

3. Art Subscription (Exclusive Content / Discounts and Deals / Artshots)

4. Art Shows / Virtual Exhibitions

Celestial Hour


Oil on canvas

160 x 95 cm (Est.)

Virtual Exhibitions / Visit Today

Cockerel Crow; Celestial Clock - Up Close Shots

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