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Metamodernity (Listening Audio Clip Incl.)

With the proliferation of technology, the definition of art is rapidly changing. Artists now can use more materials and tools to produce their artwork.

AI Art is a type of art that comes alive through the AI-powered creation and interaction.

As an example, one can access an Ai painting by entering a subway station in Singapore and scanning a non fungible token into their smartphone.

Metamodernity is a philosophical concept that explains the way in which postmodernism and modernism have converged. It also implies the end of postmodernism as a historical event that has been constantly evolving. Singapore embodies this idea of metamodernity, it was once a traditional nation but now is an emergent global city.

Art has evolved with technology and we can see it in the way artists use AI to create their art. They take advantage of new aesthetic possibilities that AI can offer and make use of its generative power to produce original things.

Metamodernity is a new way of thinking about the world that emerged in the early 2000s and has gained increasing influence since then.

In Singapore, a new art project called Ai Art, which includes both AI and human artists, has just opened to enrich this city's arts scene.

Ai Art features a series of three installations consisting of AI-generated GIFs, live painting sessions by human artists and an immersive soundscape.

Visitors to the exhibition can see how different mediums play out when mixed together.

Ai art is still in its infancy but offers great promise in challenging macro aesthetics and metaverse.

Metamodernity is a term used to describe the time in which we live. The word, coined by German art critic Martin Warnke and popularized by media theorist Douglas Rushkoff in his 2014 book Present Shock, expresses the shift from postmodernism to what has been called a “post-modern condition” and post-internet age.

Ai art is one of the genres that have come up as an extension of the digital world, or hyperreality.

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