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Meta-modernity, a term first introduced by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, is the period following postmodernity. It is characterized by the coexistence of diverse social and cultural phenomena that reject all forms of unity or totality.

The term metamodernity was first coined by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek and is described as “the tension between two forces: on the one hand, the recognition that an ontologically stable and certain reality does not exist; on the other, the belief in our ability to invent social reality and to create something new.” According to this perspective, postmodernism has been surpassed and we are now living in a time where reality is malleable.

This idea is reflected in a few of Ai's projects. With his project “Driftwood” he re-contextualizes found objects which he then projects onto walls or panels. The project “Carnet de Voyage à la Comtesse d'Otrante" is a visual representation of someone reading Montesquieu's “Persian Letters."

Artists have begun to take advantage of these new tools of technology, specifically artificial intelligence

Metaverse is a term coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel "Snow Crash". The basic idea is that the internet has been incorporated into our reality so completely that it becomes indistinguishable from the world around us.

Metamodernity is a continuous and egalitarian art movement, which is characterized by a renewed interest in humanism, post-internet art and metaverse .

With the proliferation of technology, the definition of art is rapidly changing. Artists now can use more materials and tools to produce their artwork.

AI Art is a type of art that comes alive through the AI-powered creation and interaction.

As an example, one can access an Ai painting by entering a subway station in Singapore and scanning a non fungible token into their smartphone.

Metamodernity is a philosophical concept that explains the way in which postmodernism and modernism have converged. It also implies the end of postmodernism as a historical event that has been constantly evolving. Singapore embodies this idea of metamodernity, it was once a traditional nation but now is an emergent global city.

Art has evolved with technology and we can see it in the way artists use AI to create their art. They take advantage of new aesthetic possibilities that AI can offer and make use of its generative power to produce original things.

The term post-pandemic art is not a new one. It has been around for at least a decade and has been used to describe the work by many artists who have dealt with the aftermath of disease, natural disaster or terrorism. Though there are some artists who still consider their work from this period as post-pandemic art, others see it as evolving into other forms after that initial time frame. It is left to be discussed in open , to the ideals of society.

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