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New Artworks for Month of January ; Keaneofficial.com

The Keaneofficial Art Collective has recently published online art exhibitions, where customers get to experience art online, via the Kuntsmatrix Platform. All works displayed are either produced from the artist Keane / or the contributors to the Art collective. The website holds artworks which are involved in creating interesting social commentary and contemporary issues relating to the field of Fashion & Fine Art.

The collective has displayed artworks ranging from Oil Paintings, Digital Prints, Photographs, Drawings, Sculptures; all of which are for sale. The prices for the works has always been negotiable to clients budget. Contact Support: Kingktjh99@gmail.com for inquiries into a desired work.

Keaneofficial.com offers personalized / Customization in a given work, whereby the customer fills in a particular form for our team to better understand your needs. Some of the customer's concerns when creating a customized Artwork for their home interior are listed as below mentioned:

-Price/ Budget

-Colour Palette / Mood

- Space/ Size of Artwork

-Installation / How to hang an artwork

-Free Delivery?

For clarification purposes, the Keaneofficial Art collective holds these questions to the utmost importance, as serving our customers is the first priority on our list. When ordering a Customized /#PersonalizedArt project with us, you as the customer get to pry into the process creation, with our dedicated staff updating you with the necessary information and art direction we are constantly moving towards when crafting your very unique piece of object & Artwork.

For Example, when crafting a painting, we consult our clients with their proposed budget , shared ideas as to their ideal painting, from moods (e.g Joyful, Grandiose , Dramatic , Sad..)

to desired subject matter, stylized to a particular artist; carefully researched and studied from past civilizations , Art history , Contemporary Art Markets, Cultures & Antiquity. All of the necessary due diligence is being made before our client is satisfied with his or her order.

Sketches enable our clients to better visualize their planned Artwork, to create the necessary confidence to display the necessary skills and capabilities when working with us.

We believe that the art market will continue to grow especially when more people are staying indoors, desperately finding ways to cope in a relatively restricted environment; that's where are comes into play. Art creates room for the mind to reflect, imagine and develop introspective experiences , whereby the mind has room to play and act freely in a restricted environment, assisting clients & customers alike , with their mental well being .

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