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Promotional Deals / What We Offer at the Keaneofficial Art Collective

The Keaneofficial Art collective ; is a platform whereby art products are displayed by creators , from creative designers to Fine Artists of various practices & talents. The support by our list of clients and customers enables the continuation & improvement for more test experiments when defining the term fashion & fine art. In short, the collective upholds the nature of innovation of the art market itself, to envision newer possibilities when contributing to the art community. The follow below mentioned are a list of products and services we are offering:

-Art Products : (Paintings, Prints, Framing, Graphic Shirts, Sculptures, Sculptures, Ceramics)

-Personalized /Customized Art Services / Art Consultation / Art Restoration / Repairs.

-Art Subscriptions / Membership deals, Members Exclusive Content / Visitation to Studio Operations / Private Art Lessons (Artist: Keane)

-Virtual Exhibitions on the Kuntsmatrix Platform

-Platform Promotion of other creators / Artists.

Occasionally, the Keaneofficial Art Collective offers Customizable Discounts , as we seek to understand our customers needs. From crafting the finest purposeful art, to detailed and carefully executed painting pieces, approved by our client before a complementary delivery service; Islandwide, Singapore City.


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