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Singapore City Aesthetics (9/8/21) Keaneofficial Art Collective Store

Singapore has been developing its art scene with multiple interest types , ranging from competitions , art residencies , art fairs. It has come to the attention of the Keaneofficial Art Collective , to be developing its products to better serve the needs of society, with a Singaporean- esque influence, either in the form of methodological practices or informative curatorial. The predecessors of fine art had developed their practices around the region, with a mix with international art movements such as Deconstructivism and Balinese Art. The following new decade / new century which is considered to be the period between 2019 -2021 , had a huge impact on multiple artists practices. The works and projects put forth by the National Art Council , and other art organizations , have encouraged the use of new media technologies , as the covid-19 pandemic remains an issue on nations across the world. The use of internet & The Metaverse has proven to be a great source of exposure for the Keaneofficial Art Collective; in terms of learning from an established audience of New Digital Nomads, it has given the artist (Keane) new insight as to the new operating model in artmaking. One which has its roots in Virtual / Augmented Reality Displays , Audio Podcast Talks , Non-Fungible Tokens registering ownership & royalties for artists. NFT marketplaces have seen multiple ranges of art minted & sold as Digital Currencies ( Cryptocurrency ) , such as Bitcoin & Ethereum , with transactions & new interest in art collectibles. Mini Art as it were. Art of the previously known century has a stark contrast toward this new landscape. One which is probably interesting . Until Then the Keaneofficial Art Collective Store is in observation as to how this decade will unfold.


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