The New Featured Art Product from Keaneofficial Art Collective. Merlion Black Pop Version O, is an ai processed image, synthesized from an original photograph of Merlion Park, combined with a found image style. The end result is a street styled neo pop image, sophisticated in its observation, by the human sight. Traces formulating back to antiquity; such as the cubist and surrealist automatism, can be spoken about the artpiece.

Disclaimer: Size for Display Purposes Only

Actual Size 90 x 120 cm

The Work featured in pink and green hues, places the merlion statue composition in a neo romantic vectorized format , whereby its controlled lucidity is expressed by curvature in overall pictorial storytelling. One which reflects the natural aesthetics of the Southeast Asian Landscape. This artwork is minted as an NFT , a 1/1 limited edition piece, with the owner holding both the NFT and Physical Copy of the work as a complete edition of the Keaneofficial Art collective Produce.

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